Privacy Policy

Within the framework of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union in regards to General Data Protection (GDPR) and being respectful to your privacy we would like to inform you about the Privacy Policy of Personal Data which is conducted by the informal Network of Volunteering Organizations of Thessaloniki.

1.1 General information

The purpose of the current privacy policy of data is to provide information about the processing of your personal data within the framework of contact with our organization as participants of a program, as potential participants, as employees (former, current or candidates) and in case of communication with us.

1.2 Responsibility of the procession of data

The responsibility of the procession of personal data according to Article 4 (7) of GDPR is : Thessdiktio, Informal Network, with headquarters in Thessaloniki.

1.3 Rights the subject holds regarding their data

As the subject being affected of the act of the procession of data, you have the following rights in regards of your personal data according to article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) :

  • Right of access.
  • Right of correction and deletion.
  • Right of limitation of editing.
  • Right of data portability and
  • Right of opposition.

Additionally, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority about the procession of your personal data.

1.4 Publication to the Authorities

In case of legal responsibility, we contain the right to reveal information about you if we are asked to surrender information to the responsible authorities or to law enforcement authorities.

2. Which information about you we collect

Within the framework of the contact, as it was determined above, is the collection of information such as the name, surname, phone or fax number, the physical address, the TIN, the tax authority and your IP address. Additionally, in cases of participation or registration of participation it is possible to collect specialized category data such as health data some of which we are obliged to collect for the right implementation of each programme. This information is provided directly from you when you contact us through phone, fax, email, from the registration of the contact form provided by our website or from any other contact with the employees of our organization. Moreover, some information can be collected automatically during the usage of our website by detention of data technologies such as cookies, which collect information from your computer, like your IP address.

When you visit and use our website only for informational purposes, namely if you do not register or provide in any other way information, we collect only the personal data your web browser transmits to our server, which are the necessary ones for the screening of our website for you and the guarantee of stability and safety.

If you are under 16 years old, you MUST have the permission of your parents before using the services of the current website.

2.1 Cookies

Apart from the mentioned above data, cookies are being saved to your computer or other device when you visit and use our website. The cookies are small text files that your browser saves to your device so that the aforementioned website can store some information. The next time you are visiting our website for the same device the information that are stored to the cookies can be transmitted in continuance either to are website (“First Party Cookie” which are cookies set by the website you’re visiting and only that website can read them) or another website the cookie belongs to (“Third Party Cookie”). (Specifically, a website might potentially use external services, which also set their own cookies, known as third-party cookies).

Through the information that is stored and returned to the device of the user, the aforementioned website is recognizing that you already gained access to their website and you have visited the site from your browser and specifically the one you use from the device you used to visit the site. We use all this information so that we plan and project this site in the best way possible and according to your device. In this context, the cookie alone is recognized from your device. Beyond that, your personal data is saved only after your absolute consent or if it is absolutely necessary in order for you to use the service that is provided and gain access to it at the same time.

The website uses the following types of cookies which the purpose and usage are described furthermore :

  • The Absolutely Necessary Cookies (Type A)
  • Functionality and Performance Cookies (Type Β)
  • Cookies based of approval (ex.Marketing) (Type C)

2.2 The Absolutely Necessary Cookies (Type A)

The absolutely necessary cookies guarantee necessary capabilities for the intended use of our websites. These cookies are used exclusively by us and therefore are first party cookies. This means that all the information we gathered is saved to the cookies and is returning to our website.

The absolutely necessary cookies for example serve that you are registered users and always stay connected when you have access to multiple subpages of our website and do not have to insert your login data again every time you visit a new site. The usage of the absolutely necessary cookies on our website is not possible without your consent. For this reason, the absolutely necessary cookies can not be activated or deactivated separately. However, you can always deactivate the cookies from your browser at any time (see below).

Legal basis: Article 6 (1) from GDPR.

2.3 Functionality and Performance Cookies (Type Β)

The functionality cookies allow our website to save data you have already given (like the registered name and surname or the language selection) and offer you improved and more individualized functionalities based on this information. These cookies are collecting and saving only anonymous information, they cannot keep track of our actions in other websites.

The performance cookies collect information about the way of use of our websites, in order to improve the attraction, the content and the functionality of them. These cookies help us,for example, to determine if and which subpages of our website the users are visiting and for what type of content they are especially interested in. Specifically, the number of visits to a site is recorded, the number of subpages which they visited, the dwell time to our website, the line of sites the users visited, the terms of search that resulted the user to us, the country, the location, if it’s possible the town from which they access the website and the percentage of mobile devices they have access to our websites. We also save the actions, the clicks and the scrolling to understand which parts of our website the users prefer. As a result, we can adjust the content of our website specifically for the needs of our users and improve our offering. The IP address of your computer for technical reasons is transmitted but is rendered automatically anonymous and does not allow us to draw results about the particular user. You can adjust the cookies at any time at the settings (either activation or deactivation).

Legal basis: Article 6 (1) from GDPR.

2.4 Cookies based of approval (Type C)

The cookies that are not completely necessary (Type A) and the functionality or performance cookies (Type B) can be used only with absolute consent, like cookies for marketing.

We obtain the privilege of using information we have gained through cookies from the anonymous analysis of the behavior of the usage of the visitors of our website for projection of specific ads for some of our products from our websites. We believe that you, as a user, can benefit from that because we can show you an ad or content that we believe suits your interests based on your behavior through surfing and not see a random ad or content you are less interested in. The cookies for marketing reasons are coming from external ad companies (third party cookies) and used for collecting data from websites the user visited for the purpose of creating ads or content individually for the user or a specific target group.

3. For which reasons we collect information

The data collected from you will be used only for the purposes of the compatible volunteering, employment relationship with our organization.

3.1 Relationship between the participant/volunteer with the organization

In this context, data processing from the organization relating to contact info (name, surname, address, phone, fax number, email, insurance and tax info) in order to register the participation and therefore for the implementation of the project you will participate in to contact you for any reason concerning the relationship between the two parties.

3.2 Relationship between the employee/trainer with the organization

In this context, data processing from the organization takes place in the employment procedure (ex. resumes) or during the fulfillment of legal obligations (payroll, insurance etc.) as well as within the framework of the trainers participation in the programmes.

3.3 Recipients

The data mentioned above are processed by the employees of the organization who are responsible for the implementation of the programmes.

4. Transmission of data

We transmit your collected data to an external partner - accountant as well as to the provider of the website according to the required purposes (for the fulfillment of the obligations of the organization, the projection of the website and the content creation for the website). Additionally, the data is being transferred to external European and non European organizations in charge of the funding of the programmes.

Our organization does not rent, sell or promote personal data in any case.

Our organization collects the less required data for the reasons above.

5. Timespan of the maintenance your data

Your data will be maintained for no longer than 15 years, for the purposes of the operation of the organization within the framework of support as a participant to a programme, as a volunteer, as a trainer and further categories mentioned above for the preservation of the legal obligations of the organization.

You will not receive from our company any notification or promotional material with the usage of your personal data without firstly asking for your permission.

6. Other websites

Our website might contain links to other websites. The current privacy policy does not cover the data that you might have shared with these websites. Our organization does not have any responsibility for the content, the acts and the policies of these websites.

7. Rights of the Subjects

According to the GDPR you can exercise the following rights :

  • Right of notification about the collection and usage of your data.
  • Right to access : it allows you to learn which data we edit, for which reason and who are their recipients.
  • Right of editing : it allows the completion or the editing of incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Right of deletion : right to forget, it allows the deletion of your data from our files when the editing of them stops being important.
  • Right of restriction of editing.
  • Right of objection to usage of personal data for particular reasons.
  • Right of portability : it allows you to receive your data at a format build and widely known.

The subjects can exercise their rights aforementioned above. The only exception is situations where there is a legal obligation of keeping them from the organization and there is no risk of a crucial interest.

8. Ways to secure the personal data

Our organization is taking the right technical and management measures for the securement of your personal data and renouncing the responsibility of a breach of privacy of your information unless it's due to diligence.

9. Contact, clarifications, comments

For any clarification, information, objection or comments about this privacy policy of personal data, you can get in contact with us with the following ways:

The current Privacy Policy of Personal Data was reviewed on 8/10/2021