Informal Network of Voluntary Organizations and associations of
Citizens Society of Thessaloniki

Who we are

- Thess-Diktio is the informal Network of Voluntary Organizations and
associations of the Civil Society of Citizens and was created in Thessaloniki in
Thess-diktio is the first attempt of the organizations of
Thessaloniki who have active networks of volunteers, to create a
body with the following tasks :

What is thessdiktio

- Thess-diktio does not substitute the organizations that are active
in the town, nor aspires to play the role of a federation or some official
platform of representation.

Thess-diktio is an initiative that prioritizes
volunteerism, active participation of citizens to public affairs as well as to
project the issues the organizations who are active to these fields
are facing.

The members of the Network do not have political affiliations, racist, xenophobic and
dogmatic behavior and have common ground of respect and
acceptance of others, respect on human rights,
inclusion, collaboration and solidarity.

Thess-diktio collaborates with local actors and organizes social acts in
town. The Network has been the basic partner of the municipality of Thessaloniki during the
claim of the title of «European Capital of Youth of 2014» and
during the implementation of the programme of activities of the campaign ,has aided
the societal struggles of the town, support social institutions and
demands and is present as part of committees of the Municipality of

Contact us

Thessdiktio is open to organizations which want to be a part of our team as well as volunteers who want to offer volunteering work and participate in our activities. You can contact us or you can address directly the organizations - members you are interested in.